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Hopi Ear Treatment

Hopi Ear Treatment

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Our Hopi Ear Treatment is natural alternative to ear syringing this is a uniquely relaxing experience that balances and calms the senses, not only good for blocked uncomfortable ears but vertigo, prior to flying, insomnia and sinus problems-includes pressure point massage to drain sinus pressure from facial muscles.

With the scent of honey, sage and chamomile, allow yourself to experience beneficial relaxation.

The candles have a soothing and relaxing physical effect and are certified according to the European Medical Device Directive.

Treatment duration: 45 minutes

How to Book your Hopi Ear Treatment

You can purchase this treatment as a voucher for yourself or as a gift for someone else through our online store. Once you have purchased the voucher, please call us on 0116 2701 801 to arrange your appointment.

Read more about our gift vouchers here.

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