Collection: Massage & Holistic Treatments

Between our experienced team there are treatments to assist you in your road to well-being, whether you are stressed, run down or going through a difficult period there is something we can do to help to alleviate your symptoms or, if it’s general pamper or relaxation you need then there is something for you too.

We want to help balance mind, body and spirit, take you off the treadmill of outer influences upsetting your well-being and to give you some space to just stop, reflect, switch off and look after yourself for an hour or so. Doing this centres you for a time, which allows your mind to calm, body to be still and ultimately reduce your levels of stress in the long run.

Look through our options and see what appeals to you at this time....

It’s advised during particularly difficult times to have regular treatments, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, whatever you can manage, you’ll find it a real comfort.