Collection: Waxing, Shaping & Hair Removal

The Snug team uses the finest choice of silk creme wax, oil finishing products and Aloe, T-Tree aftercare. We guarantee our methods will leave you satisfied, we are quick, methodical and thorough, you may even feel relaxed after your treatment. You’ll certainly feel happy, neat and tidy again!

Waxing is recommended every 4 weeks, we recommend avoiding the razor in between treatments especially if you are working towards minimal hair growth, in growing hairs and less future hair removal and discomfort.

You will need to avoid heat treatments, exercise, swimming and tanning treatments on the day of your waxing.

We Use Silk Creme Wax

Ideal for clients with sensitive skin. Working at a slightly lower temperature compared to other waxes, this superior wax is a great option for those with delicate skin types. It also spreads onto the skin with ease at a thin consistency to ensure fast, efficient waxing. This high-quality silk crème wax will give a flawless, professional finish with minimal reaction, and is suitable for face, brow and even the most intimate areas.

Face waxing will include warm and cold compresses to prepare the skin and ensure complete comfort.

Waxing FAQs

  • Our specialists have removed hair absolutely everywhere...
  • Our therapists have seen it all nothing is a big deal... 
  • We recommend booking your wax at least three days prior to special occasions. Try to to ex-foliate skin 24-hours pre and post wax and always allow for at least 1/2" of growth for the smoothest, most effective treatment.