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The Snug Beauty & Wellbeing Salon has a wide range of facial treatments catered especially for you, all utilsing the award winning product range of Biodroga. 

Inspired by nature and in complete harmony with the world of holistic cosmetology, Biodroga offers outstanding skin and body care products for both men and women.

Perfectly Balanced Treatment Programmes

Complete treatment programmes are perfectly balanced for specific skin needs. Natural substances and plant-based protective mechanisms are combined with active ingredients derived through biotechnology, creating the foundation for all Biodroga products.

Biodroga MD offers you an innovative, highly scientific skincare range based on medical evidence from the latest skincare research, targeting the causes of various skin problems. Biodroga's in house research and development team has brought together the most up- to-date dermatological, phytopharmaceutical, biotechnological and cosmetic knowledge.

Biodroga is one of the first brands to offer this new, highly effective peptide ingredient in cosmetic formulations. A highly efficient Special Care which perfectly meets the individual needs of your skin, without prescription. for those who prefer products that are preservative, paraben, mineral oil and perfume free, hardly any of the products contain traditional emulsifiers. These state of the formulations lie exclusively with Biodroga MD.

Know Your Treatment

Biodroga MD focuses on:

  • Peptides - This is an organic compound that help the body to resume the function of cell growth, skin vitality and skin renewal.

  • Tripeptides - Stimulating effect on collagen synthesis. They protect collagen from breakdown and skin appears ‘ironed out’.

  • Hexapeptides - The cosmetic alternative to botulinum toxin (botox), these are collagen boosters and muscle relaxants.

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