Collection: Biodroga Face and Body Treatments


For over 55 years, Biodroga has been known for its innovative products. The name is derived by combining ‘bio’ biological and ‘droga’ based on plants. The most sophisticated ingredients with high tech components are continually researched, developed and manufactured in its own laboratories in Baden-Baden.

At every age, skin has particular needs. Biodroga offers highly specialised skincare to suit all stages of ageing. In addition, we offer skincare lines for different demands e.g. Moisture deficiency, complex dry and acne combined skin types, skin prone to high colour, demanding sensitive types and many more.

Biodroga MD

Biodroga MD takes things a step further, A cutting edge Medical skincare which uses bio raw material combining the areas of dermatology, phytopharmacy, biotechnology and cosmetics.

All products have no mineral oil, artificial emulsifiers, PEG, colourants or parabens. They only contain natural fragrance or none at all.

The MD range contain higher ingredients resulting in minimal irritants with maximum effects.